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5 Simple Tips Which Can Help Prevent Acne

Having acne may be one of the worst nightmares every woman and man can have. Those nasty blemishes surely look ugly on our faces and in effect, it may reduce self-esteem. Some may experience this only during their teenage years but most are still experiencing this in their adulthood. Now, if only we know the… Read More »

How to Choose Make Up Foundation For Your Skin Type

From powdered form to liquid, mousse to cream, finding the perfect foundation for your skin type can be a daunting task. Whether your skin is ultra-dry or oily as ever, the hunt for a Holy Grail foundation all begins with knowing what kind of skin you have. Stuck on how to pick the best make… Read More »

5 Tips for Clear Skin

From fine lines and wrinkles to pesky blemishes and dark spots, it can be a daunting task trying to achieve flawless skin. But whether you’re a sun goddess who loves to catch some rays or your acne-prone skin seems to never have a shortage of blemishes, getting clear skin doesn’t have to be an endless battle. Looking… Read More »

The Wiser Choice: Saving on Perfumes Online with Coupons

Everyone loves to smell good; it’s one way of presenting one’s self.  A person’s signature fragrance should perfectly capture the essence of the person who wears it. Do you already have one?  Here are some basic things to consider which will help you in selecting a fragrance. You have to take note of your personality,… Read More »

Look like a Celebrity: The Make-up Battle

When we talk about celebrity make-up, it always ends up in a battle between smoky eyes and red lips. These two trends in make-up has been tried and tested to make heads turn especially in the red carpet. And since everyone would love to look like a celebrity, here are simple tutorials on how to… Read More »