Want to look beautiful and healthy, just drink more water

By | October 1, 2017

It is quite terrifying when you take out a pair of your favorite jeans one day and realize that you don’t fit into it anymore. It is equally nightmarish to see your reflection in the mirror with a double chin looking back at you. But you don’t have to worry as everything is not lost. You have an option to get out of this terrible nightmare known as weight gain with the help of an old remedy. Yes, it is possible to accomplish it without spending money or hard work! It is a simple secret, drink lots of water.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Before you start drinking water evaluate your weight as this will help you assess your condition and see if drinking more water will really help you shed all those extra pounds. When you see an improvement you will be encouraged and get the strength to pursue your endeavor.

Drinking more water has its benefits as it makes your body more flexible if you are looking to start a workout plan. You should also measure your waistline and to keep a proper track of your effort you also need the measurement of your arms, legs, thighs and hips. It is best to get a small new notebook and maintain record and the weight loss progress.

Start drinking more water

Many of us were often see small kids getting advice to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. This is a very good advice as water assists kidneys to get rid of toxins and waste from our body. When the kidney gets less water, our liver which metabolizes fat has to help and with this burden the productivity becomes low. It is good to begin drinking around 12 glasses of water every day. In case you find it cumbersome to keep track of the amount of water you drink everyday you can purchases a large water bottle that can hold 12 glasses of your daily intake.  Dont get conscious about visiting the bathroom more often to relieve yourself.  It may hinder your normal routine, but is in fact assisting you to eliminate extra water from the body which has accumulated over the long time.

Drink Water Prior to Eating

Drinking water before eating is a terrific way to reduce your calorie intake while still feeling full. Even if the amount of calories by drinking water prior to eating will be small but the results would be really surprising. In a study by Dr Brenda Davy at Virginia Tech, it was found that by drinking water before eating you meal say like 2 cups makes a person eat about 75-90 less calories. That may not sound like a lot of calories but combine that with 3-5 meals a day and see the results for yourself.

Eat and Drink healthy

Drinking water will surely help in your weight loss plan but don’t mistake water with soda and alcohol. All your efforts will only be effective by drinking pure water and staying as far as possible from cold drinks. One thing you can do is to drink water whenever you crave for alcohol or soda. Your weight loss process will become faster if you are able to follow this suggestion. If drinking plain water is out of the league then you can add flavor to the water by squeezing lemon juice or lime. You can even purchase flavor packets to have a better experience while drinking more water daily. It is possible to make water work for a healthier and lighter you!

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