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Top 6 Tips for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Have you ever been in a situation when you have to go to a party and suddenly in the morning you wake up with a zit. What a horrible condition that can be, I know because I have been there and know what it feels like at that moment. Most of the times I feel like just not going out but there are a few times when I just want to kill that nasty zit but then I remember if I do that, then it’s only me who would suffer and there will be a nasty scar left that will make me remember that zit even more.

Enough with the rant, if you don’t want to go through this every morning, we will layout the top 10 tips which I follow everyday so as to have naturally beautiful skin. I do want to remind you that do no expect an overnight miracle.



1. Don’t forget to exfoliate

Don’t forget exfoliation, just don’t. It’s a huge no-no. You may ask why? When you exfoliate you remove the layer of cells which are mostly dead. A dead skin layer does nothing good for your skin except adding more dirt and debris to your face and make your face look older. You might have noticed by now that when you exfoliate you leave behind a a fresh face that looks like you have just woken up from a beauty sleep.
If you don’t like all these chemical based exfoliate creams like me, then you can just use a paste of yogurt and powdered walnut or even sugar for your face. The outer layer of walnuts is natural exfoliate and won’t harm your skin but it’s always better to test the mixture with a little dab on your finger and applying it to your skin first. This way you can see what reaction you might or might not have with the above said natural mixture.

2. Always remove makeup before sleep

If you are going to sleep, then its a must that your remove your makeup before sleeping. Some of us get lazy in this part and end up sleeping with makeup on. This is a big no no, why, because as you breathe, your skin does this too. When you sleep with makeup on, you are making it difficult for your skin to breathe and this leads to overnight clogging of the pores. This is the reason why you might develop blackheads or blemishes over a long period of time if you sleep with makeup on.


3. Safeguard from deadly sun

There is a rivalry between our skin and the sun. When it’s in small amounts, its good but when it gets longer, it sucks the energy out of your skin. The best remedy for this is to use a sunscreen as it blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays which are the main cause of skin damage. Also, there are many sunscreens in the market that blocks the pores of your skin, these aren’t any better too, so always go for sunscreens which are labelled ‘nonacnegenic’. When it comes to sun bath on your favorite beach, we know that no one can resist the urge, but in that case use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF as sun rays are more harmful around these areas and you are left without any shade or cover from the harmful rays.

4. Eat Foods that Compliment your Skin

Are you a fan of that tasty yummy burger? You can’t stop yourself when you get a scent of that yummy pizza fresh out of the oven but your skin disagrees with you. Eating fast foods with unhealthy fats is ok once in a while, if you are unable to control the urge but keeping these foods as a part of daily life will leave your skin damaged. After all, you might have heard that saying, you are what you eat.
Best way to compliment your fast food snacking once a week is eating a lot of fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, vitamin rich foods such as oranges which are rich in vitamin C. Reducing sugar intake that you like to have with your cup of coffee. Reducing coffee intake as it contains a lot of caffeine.

5. Sweating is Good

Did you know, sweating which you hate do much because it stinks and gives a bad smell sometimes, it actually good for your skin. Sweating opens up your pores from the inside and removes all the debris accumulated in your pores which otherwise even the best face wash would be having a hard time to clear out.
Sweating also means that your body is circulating blood at a faster pace that normal and the flowing blood carries all the essential nutrition your skin needs for damage repair. So, next time just run over a track or jog, do cycling or lift weights. Do whatever gets your heart pumping and makes you drip sweat along with all the toxic elements your body might be carrying.

6. Have a Beauty Sleep

Are you a workaholic who feels a certain pride in working 15 hours a day, that’s actually a good thing that you are working so hard but whats not good is that your aren’t taking all the rest your body needs for a good repair session for your skin. Your skin also needs some time to repair itself as it faces all the hard day’s work along with all the pollutants and what in the air and unhealthy things you might eat.
When you sleep, your body automatically get into the repair mode and repairs all the skin damage you might have had over the period of the day. So, have some good sleep and feel refreshing after waking up.

These are some of the best tips you can apply in your daily life to have a beautiful skin and you won’t even have to resort to the chemical filled products. Just follow these natural tips and you will have the healthy and beautiful skin you desire.

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