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What is Muscle soreness explained

This is the feeling that one experiences after straining muscles as a result of an exercise or weight lifting. You are more likely to experience it if you have taken sometime away from excising. When you relax the muscles does the same and prolonged periods of inactiveness forces the muscles to assume a specific position or state of which causes slight discomfort when they are stretched beyond their usual state.

Women Muscle Soreness
Even those who stick to regular exercise routines are susceptible to muscle soreness once in a while. This usually happens with the change of exercise routine which involves non regular exercising positions. Any new routines most likely do involve stretching of muscles that may have not been affected with the other exercise. Most likely they may have been stretched but not to the limit that the routine pushes them to.

This is a common phenomenon for those who are into exercising so you should not be alarmed when you sense slight soreness in your muscles after a given exercise. The feeling may last for a day or two but it will eventually disappear. As a matter of fact the feelings keeps reducing as days go by. It is therefore a condition that may not necessarily require medical attention. Since this feeling is caused by stretching of muscles there are those physical trainers who advice that the same exercise should be maintained for a given period of time for the muscles to get used to the new position thereby reducing the soreness.

In some extreme conditions soreness of the muscles can go beyond what is assumed to be normal. In extreme situations the stretching of muscles may put a person at risk. When there is pain or extreme soreness it is advisable to consult your trainer or medic for him or her to determine whether a muscle has been injured or not. As much as soreness is assumed to go away after some time there is no harm of seeking further attention if you are having doubts about the feeling you are experiencing especially if it is graduating from soreness to pain.

To prevent this kind of occurrences people are always advised to seek professional advice. The experts are able to determine the type of exercise and weight that is ideal for your body size. You may assume that you are in a better position to engage in a given type of excess. Your friend or neighbor may lift heavy weights but you may not know exactly how long he or she has been doing that.

Body strength also does vary and it is important for you to understand your limits in terms of the type of exercises it can handle. This last statement does not also mean that you avoid the routines that you do not like with the excuse that your body and muscles cannot handle the stretching. Muscle soreness is a common feeling even when you do not indulge in vigorous exercises.

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