Stay fit by choosing the right late night snacks

By | October 8, 2017

If you have weight problems and just started a diet program the best thing you can do is not to quit and follow it accordingly. This however, is not easy as old habits are hard to beat such as quick late night snacks. If you want to lose weight fast in a week or two, then you must abstain from junk foods and many times these non healthy late night snacks are proved to be one of the biggest reasons of your weight problems. Therefore, you should cut them off from your old habits and if this merely impossible at first, then you should go for safe foods that will not interfere with your dieting plan.


Consuming snacks before going to sleep can ruin your entire diet program and of course, you might face failure even from the beginning. However, you can replace the late night snacks you were used to eat with others that have a low calorie level and that will not affect your weight loss routine. Moreover, if you choose your late night snacks wisely, you might get rid of bad habit and acquire a good habit of eating snacks that are filled with nutrients meant to reduce your appetite.

As mentioned above, you have to choose your late night snacks carefully in order to keep your dieting plan successfully. Here are some of the best snacks that you can eat late at night without compromising your purpose:

  • Yogurt and flaxseeds are a good choice for a late night snack. They have a low calorie level therefore it won’t be damaging for you. Moreover, they are reach in proteins and carbohydrates, which will help during the night with your carvings.
  • Another option you can choose and not ruin your diet program is egg scramble. It is quite easy to make and it is perfect for a late night snack. It contains proteins that are valuable for your muscles and moreover, it has around 150 calories, an insignificant number that cannot affect you. In addition, you can add some extra ingredients such as low fat cheese if you really want a great late night snack.
  • Next we have cottage cheese with peanut butter. Cottage cheese has a high amount of quality protein in its composition and it can be very helpful if you do daily exercises because your muscles need to recover after a hard workout. Another important aspect of cottage cheese is that it is not easily digestible therefore it will keep your stomach busy for a long time and stop you from eating more at night due to the full stomach sensation. Peanut butter comes to complete the recipe because it slows down the digestion as well. The only thing that needs to be mentioned is that the peanut butter should be natural.

Eating late at night is a habit that cannot be easily beaten therefore, finding a replacement of those unhealthy snacks you used to eat is mandatory. The dieting plan you are following could be very good, but it will not work on you if you do not consider eating healthy late night snacks an important aspect. Add some of these snacks mentioned above and you will surely get satisfying results in no time.

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