Do you often ask yourself..Why am I so fat?

By | August 14, 2020

Not all of us have the body type that we would have wanted anyway. Some people have learnt to just love their bodies the way they are why others are constantly whining and complaining about the size of their bodies. You probably are one of those people who are never comfortable about their body size and this has in return affected your level of confidence since you have lost your self esteem. We all know how important self esteem is in the world we live in. it gives us a voice when we are feeling oppressed. It gives us the strength to stand up and fight for our rights when they have been violated.



Some people remain thin no matter what they eat, while others have to be very careful on what they eat as they keep exercise programs as they top priorities. Another category of people struggle on losing weight but nothing ever changes no matter what they try. Perhaps you are one of them. You have juggled from one exercise program to another, you have tried all forms of diet and probably you have experienced no positive results at all. Nowadays, the only question that lingers all day in your mind is; why am I so fat?

Well, your condition can be explained by a number of reasons; some can be changed while others require one to accept themselves for who they are and observe physical fitness to remain healthy. One of the reasons why you are still so fat is staying on wrong diets over and over again. If you are the type who gives up easily, you usually move from one diet plan to another so soon after beginning because you feel that it is not bringing positive results as soon you want. You have to learn the virtue of patience for diet plans to work out successfully.

Secondly, your workouts or exercise programs might be all wrong and do not fit your body type. Different people get positive results from different types of exercises. Therefore it is important to get professional help on the type of exercise program you should follow to get good outcomes. You will have to spend some extra money on this for you to get good advice that will help get you out of the mess you are in. Remember nothing good comes easy; you have to go out of your way in terms of financial resources to lose that weight.

Thirdly, the problem could be disagreement between your workout program and the diet plan. A good workout program must be accompanied by a good diet plan and vice versa. Therefore, ensure to seek professional help again in order to match your exercises with meal plans. Lastly, it could be that your problem has genetic influence in that you can never lose weight no matter what you do. If you have been observing the three aspects mentioned earlier and there are no changes, then this could be your problem. My advice is for you to stay focused and keep on exercising and eating healthy for physical fitness purposes as well as to avoid any healthy risks associated with your body size.

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