Know the Secret to Smooth, Younger-Looking, Glowing Skin

By | July 18, 2020

Health and beauty are interdependent. But the stress and anxiety fraught life of today makes it difficult to stay healthy and look beautiful. When you barely manage to eat and sleep, how do you fit in skin care in your daily regime? Hectic schedules and stringent deadlines just fill up your day!

skin care

When this is the situation, you sure wish there was some secret way to have healthy, glowing skin with minimum effort. This is exactly what Dermalogica Power Rich aims at. This cream works wonder for the skin and helps achieve that firmness and smoothness of skin that you always dreamt of but never achieved.

What skin conditions require its use? With age, the skin attains a lacklustre look; the tissues soften up and you have dull, sagging skin. This happens due to four basic reasons:

  • Thinning out of facial fat
  • Loss of collagen (protein)
  • Slowing down of cell turnover
  • Weakening of elastin (fibre)

How does the cream help? The cream affects both the dermis and epidermis, and helps in the synthesis of collagen, increases cell renewal, strengthens the elastin, and makes the skin smooth, firm and glowing. With regular application, it corrects spots formed on the skin because of pollutants and sun damages.

What are the chief ingredients in it? Numerous natural ingredients are part of the formula. Some of these are rice extracts, algae, kukui nut, soy protein, yeast, licorice, grapefruit peel, yeast, essential oil of jasmine, and many others.

How do you use the cream? Cleanse your face and apply night cream every night. Concentrate on visible spots and wrinkles. You can apply sun block or make-up over the cream as well.

Is it suitable for all skin types? Yes. The natural ingredients of the product make it suitable and effective for all skin types. You need not worry even if you have sensitive skin. The absence of hydroxy acids in the product makes it free from problematic side effects like irritation or flaking.

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