Tuesday, June 22

When you know its time for a detox

It’s only natural for humans to treat themselves now and again, even if they know that it is ultimately going to be bad for their health.

After all, the brain initially rewards this type of behavior with the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Whether it’s indulging in huge takeaway meals or enjoying a few nights on the booze, it feels great whilst we are doing it.


However, it’s a fact of life that these ‘treats’ nearly always catch up on us and leave us feeling a lot worse soon after. It’s the few days after a holiday when many Brits feel like this. It is common in the days following Christmas, New Year and birthdays as well. As such, more of us are adopting detox methods in order to let our body recover from this.

Signs that you may be in need of a detox include fatigue, low mood and aching in various parts of the body. Whether it’s via traditional methods of detoxing or using specialist methods  such as changing your diet, detoxing can help rid our body of all the toxic substances our body gains during heavy spells of unhealthy eating/drinking; helping us to feel much better.

There are many detox diets which claim to remove harmful toxins from your body and clear your blood. Juice detox  is one of a number of treatments designed specifically to rid the body of harmful toxins. Many detox routines involve the consumption of food or juices which contain healthy ingredients.

Detox diet should be considered for short term only as with short term you can remove the toxins from your body but any longer that this and you are going to do more harm to the body.

Most of the detox diets starts with a typical fast period which is followed by a diet which involves, natural products such as juice, vegetables, fruits and lots of water.

Some of the claimed benefits of detox diets:

  • While on detox diet your body and organs can finally rest from daily routine
  • This also helps to stimulate your liver which helpts to get rid of toxins
  • Exercise while doing a detox diet will help in removing more toxins through urine, and sweating


Of course, those who consume unhealthy food and drink on a regular basis won’t be protected from the long-term risks of doing so, such as obesity or any related health problems.

Detoxing should be something that humans aim to never have to do. Having said that, it’s certainly useful to have a popular method of recovering from the effects of treating yourself.

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