Top 3 Healthy Foods you must include in your diet

By | October 15, 2017

Your eating plays a major role in your weight loss goals as healthy eating can help you to lose weight fast and gain your self confidence. Your weight loss goals not only depends on how often you exercise, but how often you eat the right foods and do the right workouts. What you eat plays a big role in your success to lose weight so it is very important  to eat healthy foods as much as possible. Below I will describe some of the best foods that will help your weight loss efforts.

Healthy Food Apples


Oatmeal is top of the healthy food list because it is very good for the heart. In addition to being good for your heart, it can also help you lose weight because of it as healthy heart will help you push yourself towards more cardiovascular workouts.


Apples are great for shedding some extra fat. Apples contain prectin which is a really great natural appetite suppressant. This helps to keep you full for a long time,  which will help you not to eat unnecessarily. I suggest eating an apple before a meal, because it can help you eat your fruit needs. In Brazil, they made a quick research on apples, and what they saw was unbelievable, those who ate a whole apple before each meal actually lost 33% more weight than those who do not eat apples. So, you have to eat about one full apple before each meal, and you will find your appetite to start to fall.


Fish is a healthy food as it can have a significant impact on the overall success of your weight loss goals. Try to eat more fish, such as sardines, tuna and salmon, because its a great way to help you get thin. In these products, you will find that all of them have leptin, which is actually a very powerful fat burning hormone

Just make sure that you eat the above mentioned healthy foods as they can help you to fell full for a longer time and in turn consume less calories and thus lose weight. You should also include raw vegetables and fruits, such as strawberries and eat a healthy diet. The truth is that it is easy to lose weight with workouts but without proper nutrition, even workouts wont be as successful as they will be with proper diet.

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