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5 Myths That Stop You From Having Beautiful Hair

Myths circulate our lives in every field, and myths about hair loss are a plenty. In fact myths sometimes stop us from doing things that actually may turn out to be good for us. Women take a lot of care of their hair as it symbolizes beauty, pride and plays a major role as a style statement. Dwelling on myths can cause your hair to fall ironically. So get your facts right and read about the common myths about hair loss.


Myth: women don’t go bald

This statement is totally wrong and should be erased from the minds of people. Baldness is not only subjected towards men. Female pattern baldness is very hereditary and a crucial problem that affects a lot of women. A man actually looks good even bald, but this is not the case with us women. We tend to lose our hair even when we are approaching menopause. Women experience thinning of the hair and plenty of hair fall, whereas men lose their hair in a specific area. Also the production of the DHT hormone is not the one and only cause of hair fall. It does cause hair to fall, but there are other reasons too like stress, poor diet, pregnancy, certain medications, cancer therapies, dandruff, using chemical based shampoos unlike natural shampoo and psychological disorders to name a few.

Myth: hair growth is stimulated by consumption of protein

Consuming protein in excess does not encourage hair growth. It can be harmful to your health. One should eat a balanced meal with a healthy amount of nutrients, vitamins and protein to affect hair growth.

Myth: hairstyling can make you go bald

Over styling of the hair has got nothing to do with baldness. It however can affect the quality of your hair making it dry and brittle. So coloring, blow-drying and using hair products does not make you bald, but look good.

Myth: you should pluck out the grey hairs for more hair to grow

This is not true at all. People who believe that plucking out the greys will give space for new hairs to grow are completely wrong, and are inducing hair loss. Also cutting off split ends does not make you lose your hair. People believe this myth so much that they go regularly for haircuts and hair treatments. Split ends only affect the look and quality of the end of the strand of a hair.

Myth: losing 100 hairs daily is excessive

In actuality, a person on an average can lose up to 150 hairs a day. This is extremely natural and not excessive. Losing clumps of hair is an issue and tell-tale sign of some heath problem or a disease.

Along with your diet, health and appearance always take care of your hair by washing it regularly and combing it in place and also if there is any sense of itchiness, you must visit a Trichologist and get it checked. You don’t need myths to tell you what not to do.

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