How to Fight Hair Loss Naturally, 5 Natural Remedies

By | August 17, 2020

Falling hair are a reason of stress for many and hairfall could be due to many reasons. People who suffer from extensive hair loss need not worry any more as a number of natural solutions which have proved very helpful to fight hair loss. There are many natural remedies which you can use if you want to improve the health of the hair you have right now.

Hair Fall Women

Even if you are having greater than normal hairfall, these natural remedies will not only stop hair loss but also encourage new hair growth. If you can’t afford expensive products to treat baldness you can go for these natural remedies instead which are proven to help enhance your hair health and natural shine.

1. Scalp Massage

It’s been know through many studies that if you keep your scalp healthy, your hair will grow healthy too. When you massage your scalp you are promoting hair growth and the scalp stimulates and there is an increase of blood flow. Massaging your scalp not only improves hair growth but also relieves stress which again is one of the most prominent reasons for hair fall.

2. Use Coconut Oil

Add some coconut oil to your scalp and see the magic. There have been many studies which shows that the fatty acids in the coconut oil can penetrate your hair shafts and promote healthy hair full of luster and shine. It even works better if you have dry hair, as your hair can absorb all the goodness of coconut oil and give you a sense of well maintained and healthy hair.

3. Aloe vera

Although, aloe vera has long been used for many health related purposes, there is a sudden demand for it due to it’s healthy hair benefits too. Aloe vera is a natural product which you can apply in its natural form to your hair. It helps reduce excess sebum produced by your scalp and also helps in reducing dandruff. There are also many shampoos which contain aloe vera extract such as Nora Ross Shampoo. For best result just apply aloe vera directly on to your scalp and wash it with luke warm water.

4. Onion juice

There have been research where onion juice was used to see the effectiveness in reducing hair fall. There are other studies which directly link use of onion juice with increased blood flow which helps in providing more nutrients to the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.  You can use it at home by just applying some onion juice for 15 minutes and then wash your hair.

5. Rosemary oil

Just like the coconut oil, rosemary oil is also a very good choice to massage your scalp with to get healthy hair. You can also add this to your shampoo and conditioner, if you don’t feel like massaging. However, if you want to massage your hair directly, instead of adding to shampoo or conditioner, then do not massage rosemary oil directly on the skin. Mix a few drops of this oil in some other natural hair oil and then massage your scalp gently to achieve the desired results.

The bottom line is that hair growth can depend on a number of factors but if you stay consistent with natural remedies, you will start to see the benefits and noticeable results within a few weeks time. It’s also important to take care of your diet, along with these natural remedies as diet also plays a huge role in promoting hair growth and getting the luscious hair locks you want.

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