Tips on what to eat to lose weight in just 2 weeks

By | July 24, 2017

Losing fat and weight is a lot about decreasing the daily intake of calories. When you take more calories and burn less it will ultimately result in more body fat and weight. If you have decided to live a healthier life and lose weight, it is essential that you are careful about what you eat and especially avoid foods which have high calorie content.

Lose Weight what to eat

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet- You may find that you may have a craving for food once you cut down on your regular high calorie diet. You can manage this by including healthy options in your diet. You can actually have a low calorie diet by including fruits and veggies. Eating vegetables will not only give you a feeling of satisfaction but these vegetables also have very low calories which will ultimately speed up your weight loss process. You must include vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage,  turnips, and also lean protein like whey protein in your diet to aid your weight loss efforts.

Be aware of the calorie count of the food you consume- You have won half the battle if you know what food is good for you and what is not.  Calorie of every food depends on the portion and if you know the calorie content of foods you can calculate and eat accordingly. There are a number of good websites to help you manage with a complete list of food and their calorie content.

Stay away from junk foods- It is vital to stay away from junk foods like French fries, potato chips and hamburgers if you really want to lose weight in 2 weeks because these junk foods are packed with high amount of unwanted calories. If you are serious about losing body fat then fast food and junk food is a complete no-no and you must stop eating at fast food joints.

Limit intake of processed food- Processed foods include corned beef, hot dogs, bacon and other such food and they have a very high calorie and fat content.  You must limit the amount of processed food you eat to decrease calorie intake.

Choose substitutes- In fact there are a number of food items which can be used in place of food with high calorie. For example you can use mustard in place of mayonnaise which is packed with fat. There are artificial sweeteners which can be used in place of sugar. In order to lose weight, you must avoid soft drinks and always prefer water over them. Use skimmed milk instead of coffee creamer and whole milk. Parmesan or goat cheese is a good substitute for blue or cheddar cheese. It is much better to use vegetable oil in place of butter. You will not find much difference in taste if you use some of these alternatives.

Avoid candy- Candy and most chocolates have are very high in sugar content which converts into fat if not used fast and efficiently, resulting into more calories. It is best to eat sweet treats in limited quantity. You can go for low-sugar or non-fat variety if you really love your sweets.

No frying as far as possible-It is possible to use vegetable oil in place of butter for frying but it is best to have as little of fried food as possible to consume low calorie foods. You can try broiled, grilled or poached dished instead.

The bottom line is that you can supplement calorie reducing efforts with regular workouts and dieting with healthy food for better results.  If you take part in calorie burning exercises or activities on a regular basis you may not have to cut down drastically on your calorie consumption as your metabolic process will become better and you may easily be able to burn more calories than you eat.

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