Get Fit and Healthy with Rope Skipping Workout Routine

By | July 6, 2017

Rope skipping is a wonderful method to lose weight in less amount of time while growing your vigor and it mainly emphasizes on the lower part of the body. But before beginning the jump rope session, ensure that you start with 2 or 3 minute warm up session at a slow to medium pace in order to optimize the benefits as well as decrease the possibility of an accident.


Below are a few suggestions with regard to taking up the jump rope workout routine.

  • Make sure you buy the size of skip rope that is appropriate for you

You have to stop believing that a one size rope is suitable for everybody. So, in order to check its extent, find its center and make sure that the two ends are that long as to get all the way to your armpits. Another thing you need to take into account is the material.

The plastic ropes are highly recommended unlike the leather ones which won’t be easy to adjust to your needs or the cloth ropes that turn gradually slack. What is more, basic ropes with no decorations on their grips or any other additions would be the best choice for you.

I have also seen many cheap ropes for as low as $5 at online stores and even though these ropes come at these cheap price they manage to do the work. But I suggest you should get a nice quality jump rope which you can find for $20 or less.

  • Use the appropriate clothing that can offer you the right assistance.

      Choose basketball footwear which is specially designed for strenuous exercises like bouncing activities while skipping. Alternatively, play with no shoes on or use lower limb leather gloves which will sustain and boost the function of your jumping muscles very easily, thus making them resilient against any accident.

  • Begin at a slow pace, then speed up.

You should get going gently for a while as, in this way, you will provide your system with the right temperature to continue. Warming up at first is essential before you proceed to more vigorous practices. Jump smoothly resting on the balls of your feet while they are shut and your legs are in a relaxing state. Make certain that you keep the appropriate body position by maintaining the rear part of your body upright and your knees arched, so that the pressure exerted on your lower limbs will be dispersed equally to the proper muscle tissues and bodily locations. The right kind of music is also essential to keep a consistent beat.

  •  Enrich your practice session with a variety of routines.

You can add different types of activities to your original program including double leg jumps, single leg high knees, run skipping as well as other approaches. As a result, you will adhere to your half-hour training while following the procedure firmly. Keep yourself motivated through the example of boxing champions such as Muhammed Ali, which will certainly teach you more elaborate methods. Last but not least, combine your original jump rope process with diverse techniques and, in some cases, different modes of exercising related to martial arts, such as Jeet Kune Do. This way, by improving your performance of the new skills, you will progress in your jump rope practice process even more.

  • Why don’t you execute more elaborate skip rope exercises?

Several imaginative sports people have raised skip ropes to the level of a body art, which demonstrates competence, elegance as well as good physical condition. Thus, adding tricks to your performance will make it more challenging, which will not be limited to a plain workout. So, you can start practicing them from the elementary level working your way up to the more sophisticated ones like the double under cross. A big mirror would help you to make a good assessment of your methods and realize how you can make the most of the already used techniques. Another thing you could do is watch videos of jump rope professionals  and think of more elaborate exercises to practice.

  •  In case you got injured, stop exercising for a while.

If you are suffering from a physical anguish that was caused during the rope skipping activity, try to improve the exercise that caused you the pain in order to avoid further distress. If, by any chance, you experience an accident, stay away from your routine for a while, and focus on types of exercises focusing on different parts of the body. Then, only after you have fully recovered, you can start your program again.

Finally, a jump rope practice session is an inexpensive and easy method to maintain your good physical condition and enhance your vitality. Also, through the great selection of its techniques it can become a very interesting pastime and it can also help you resolve some problems related to the good functioning of the body.

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