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How Garlic Shampoo Can Help You With Hairfall

We have talked about the benefits of garlic in normal day talks but little did we knew that while eating garlic helps your body it is also very helpful when we apply it directly to the hair.

Most of the housewives know the benefits of garlic that’s why it has been used in the kitchens and also in medicines from as far as we know about human history.  In this article below we talk about how using garlic or garlic shampoo based products can help you in hairfall or scalp problems.

Garlic Shampoo

Hairfall is a phenomena which is not just due to stress but also due to various factors such as your environment, the way you are sleeping and most of all what your diet is. If you visit the supermarket you can find a lot of shampoos which claims that you can have beautiful looking hair yet they are filled with chemicals and what not.

There are a few handful of shampoos which are filled with natural goodness such as Garlic which is already proven to be an awesome remedy for hairfall and having long healthy hair.

Garlic when applies directly is not a great idea, since you need chemicals filled shampoo again to rinse off the shampoo wheres there are a few good brands like Nora Ross which provides both shampoos and hair conditioners which are filled with the goodness of garlic yet doesn’t come with the harmful chemicals. Make sure to use a 10% off coupon on our nora ross coupons page.

Top Benefits of Garlic Shampoo for Hair Loss

  1. Promotes Healthy Hair and Scalp

Most of the times hairloss is caused by the bacteria and fungi living off on your scalp. These bacteria have now become well versed in avoiding the chemical shampoos as they have adapted to these chemicals. However, they can’t entirely become resistant to natural occurring antibiotics such as Garlic.

  1. It Helps With Thin Hair

Garlic based shampoos helps your scalp to naturally gain luster and prevents itchy scalp. It is especially helpful in thin air since it provides a protective barrier that provides your hair the nourishment it needs to grow.

  1. It Boosts the Circulation of Blood

Garlic is a natural stimulation agent for the body that’s why it is advice to use it, in small quantities. Garlic based shampoos helps in providing stimulation to skin which in turn helps with more blood flow. This increased blood flow helps nutrition reach to the roots of your hair which helps to grow healthy hair.

  1. It Removes Toxins from the hair

Just like your body is greatly effective in flushing out toxins, Garlic can be effective in helping the body remove excess toxins which are detrimental in your healthy hair growth.

  1. Prevents Hair Breakage

When you style your hair your hair are more prone to damage such as split ends, thin hair and hair fall. Garlic helps your hair reach a state of natural equilibrium, which also helps stop hair fall and hair breakage.

  1. Damage from Perms

Harmful chemicals are in everything nowadays from hair color to external environment factors. A Garlic Shampoo helps in restoring healthy hair after they are damaged from continuous usage of chemical based styling products.

  1. Garlic Shampoo for Dandruff

Garlic is naturally anti-fungal and helps in eliminating bacteria which causes dandruff. If you don’t want to use any shampoo on your head due to dandruff, you can use a DIY method to reduce dandruff and reap the benefits of Garlic. Just massage your head with some crushed garlic and honey. Crushed garlic works as an anti-fungal medicine against harmful bacteria on your skin, whereas, honey is a natural moisturizer which can help with dry scalp too.

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