How to Choose Make Up Foundation For Your Skin Type

By | May 28, 2018

From powdered form to liquid, mousse to cream, finding the perfect foundation for your skin type can be a daunting task. Whether your skin is ultra-dry or oily as ever, the hunt for a Holy Grail foundation all begins with knowing what kind of skin you have. Stuck on how to pick the best make up foundation for your beloved skin? Read on to see our tips below.

make-up-foundation-for your-skin

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, chances are you’ll want to steer clear from foundations that would further add dryness, such as those that come in powdered forms. You’ll also want to stay away from anything that says “oil-free,” as your skin actually needs that moisture in order not to look dry. Liquid, cream, or stick foundations are the way to go, as their creamy consistency will serve as the perfect complement to your dry-as-ever skin. When it comes to the type of finish of your foundation, dry-skinned beauties should stick to foundations that have a lustrous finish as opposed to matte (which could dry you out even more). For all you dry skinned beauties try our favourite Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All-Smooth Makeup SPF 15

Designed to give skins the moisture that instantly helps smooth away lines. So it doesn’t settle in. There’s also a dollop of technology that helps skin looking smoother and softer. It’s also packed with anti-ageing ingredients to soften lines while boosting the skin’s natural collagen.

Oily Skin

Have oily skin? You’ll want to avoid foundations that are shine-enhancing, so opt for liquid foundations that say “oil-free” or those that are in powdered forms. These formulas contain powders that will absorb any excess oil your face naturally produces over the course of the day. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, choose foundations that have Salicylic Acid in them, as this will combat active breakouts and prevent future ones from forming. Our favorite liquid foundation for oil skin types?

The GloMinerals Oil-Free Liquid Foundation Matte Finish. Just by reading its name, you can see that this make up foundation is made for those who have oily skin, as it has a matte finish and is oil-free.

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, which basically means you’re oily in your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry in the outer parts of your face, then you’ve got to be a bit strategic when it comes to choosing the right foundation. Try using a powder foundation as opposed to a liquid foundation, as powder formulations allow you to control where the product is placed. Be a bit more heavy-handed when applying the foundation to your T-zone (to help absorb excess oil) and light-handed when you’re working on the outer parts of your face. And to really boost the dry areas of your face, simply add a liquid highlighter to the tops of your cheeks to make them look anything but dry.

Our favourite is the No.1 selling Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder. Provides a powder and makeup. Can be used as portable makeup or finishing powder over makeup base. Matte finish. Non-comedogenic. It also has 5 star ratings with lots of positive review.

Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder

Normal Skin

Congratulations! If you have a normal skin type, then you’ll have the least trouble picking the make up foundation that suits you best. Choose one that has a semi-matte finish to ensure you look as natural as possible. Our pick is the New! Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup. A light cream with a powdery finish, this compact make-up creates more even-toned skin, instantly. Shades for Very Fair, Moderately Fair, Medium, Deep.

New! Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup

Finding your perfect foundation may take some trial and error, but with some practice and time you’ll eventually find the one that’s right for you.

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