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Free Weights vs. Machines: Which is Better?

There is a lot of emphasis on the need to maintain a given body weight in order to avoid health risks. Different people use various methods for them to achieve this goal. There are those who prefer going for the free weights exercises while others prefer the use of machines. Reasons for preference are best known to the individuals who evaluate their reasons on the pros and cons of either choice.


Free weights vs machines

If you are beginning to incorporate exercise in your daily or regular routine it is important to weigh the options before settling for one. You need to base your selection criteria on free weights vs machines. This is the best way to determine the option that you are comfortable with. Your daily work schedule also should be a detail to consider since you have to fix your work out time in between other important duties. This means that you will have to select the option that helps you in keeping or even minimizing the amount of time spent in exercising.

For beginners the use of machines in working out is recommended since they are convenient and there are no adjustments needed on the machines. If you are using gym facilities chances are that you will easily get a trainer who can offer the basic exercise advice. This is also the best option for those recovering from injuries. Exercising can be carried out effectively by adjusting the machines to the levels that a person is comfortable with.
Machines are much safer since you get to exercise under a safe environment and at any time of the day and without much interference and distraction.

Smith Machine

Free weights work out plan on the other hand is more flexible in that a person has various alternatives that are not restricted to the use of machines. This helps in breaking monotony; a fact that can be very discouraging when exercising. You can also decide to switch in between different routines as long as you burn the right amount of calories.

Free weights do not restrict you to a specific exercising location or spot. You can enjoy the view of different scenarios while jogging for example. This can be a source of motivation because you do not have to concentrate entirely on the exercise routine. Paying total attention to the work out at times can be so tiring and most of the time you will be counting the number of minutes remaining for the session to end. If you are not careful this is the time that you stop in the middle of the routine which most of the time ends up in complete stoppage from the exercise.

Everybody have their own reasons for wanting to lose or maintain weight. You are at a better position to know what works out well for you all the options have their pros and cons. The arguments on free weights vs machines will always be there but it is upon you to decide what can give you the results that you want.

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