How many calories do I need?

By | March 31, 2018

Calories are the units measurements used to determine the amount of energy required by the body. This is the power that is used by the body organs to perform their usual duties under normal circumstances and conditions. The process of metabolism helps in burning up the calories that is consumed with every food taken. You should always understand that every food consumed contains a given amount of calories. The type of meal determines the amount of calories you take per serving.

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Without adequate burning of calories probabilities of weight gain are high. As previously mentioned every food contains calories which when not used up leads to accumulation of fats in the body which in return is a direct contributor of weight. It is important therefore to know the amount of calories that is right for you body to function well. Estimating the amount of calories intake per day makes it possible for a person to maintain the ideal quantity that is adequate for the body.

This is a simple process especially with foods that have labels attached on the cans. One of the main contents of the label is the composition of the food in terms of the amount of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and starch among other classes of foods. Before you consider paying for any type of food is important to as ask yourself one simple question; how many calories do I need? This can be broken down to the amount that is ideal for a day. This information goes a long way in helping you keep away from the foods that when taken may end up giving your body more calories than is necessary. The problem again arises when your body contains more calories than what is burned on a daily basis. This can slowly take toll on your body or health since the ration of calories lost to that which is gained is not equal and this could easily lead to accumulation of fats and other toxic substances in the body.

Calculation of the correct amount of body calorie is very simple and it is given by a simple calculation that includes; the body weight and age. Daily activities that a person engages in also determine the amount of calories intake. Sports personalities and any other person involved in activities that require a lot of energy need to eat meals which contain high calorie levels. This makes them able to replenish the amount that is used up as they go about their daily undertakings. Again failure to replace the lost calories could have medical implications due to low calorie levels.

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Contrary to the beliefs held by many people the body requires a small portion of food for it to operate. The problem arises when amount of food consumed is equated to the calories. You do not need to take a heavy meal for you to increase your calorie intake. The choice of food is the perfect answer to your question of how many calories do I need?

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