How Much Protein Do Women Need Daily?

By | November 1, 2017

Protein plays a very major role in the body of a human being. To be precise the entire body is made of 16% protein. This means that almost all body organs are made up of a considerable amount of this element. This composition signifies how important this class of food is essential for the body to operate normally.


The presence of protein can be seen in hair and body enzymes which are the catalysts responsible for speeding up chemical reactions that are beneficial to the body. DNA has the major part of it formed of protein as well. These are the few examples of the body systems that rely heavily on protein consumption. Its importance demands that it should be replenished at all times to ensure that a person has the correct protein levels at all times. Protein intake is very important when you are working out for weight loss.

Though of great value; it should not be consumed in large quantities since its existence in huge volumes may again lead to health risks. Knowing the right amount to be consumed assists in knowing what is appropriate and in what quantities. This information comes in handy when you go shopping for the foods stuffs to be consumed instantly or to be used back at home. To be sure of what is ideal in terms of daily intake there is need for you to understand how much protein you need to consume at any given time. This makes it possible to regulate the amount ingested by carefully selecting the foods that contain the amounts that add up to the average consumption rate of protein.


Determining the correct quantity is usually carried out by performing a simple calculation. The arithmetic is generally based on basic factors such as age, the body size and activity levels. The active people who burn a lot of calories during the day should consume larger quantities of protein. The estimate of the daily quantity for an adult can be calculated by multiplying the body weight by 0.8. The result is what is recommended to be the ideal quantity.

When it comes to the topic of age an individual weighing 150lbs should at least consume 55 grams of protein daily. This increases with weight as can be seen in a person with the body weight of 200lbs who is recommended to take 74 grams of the same. The increase in intake is proportional to the increase in weight.

These calculations tend to vary with individuals in different conditions such as sickness or those eating specific foods with the instructions of a physician. The intake of proteins in pregnant women is also different. They are recommended to cut down their proteins intake by about 10 grams in order to protect the health and well being of the mother and the unborn child as well. You may also want to confirm with a nutritionist on your condition before choosing to reduce or increase your protein intake. Remember that it is not what quantities you lose but how much protein you need to consume for you to remain healthy.

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