Workout Routine for Women to Lose Weight and Tone

By | October 23, 2017

There are specific workout routines for women that are completely different from what men use. There are a number of workout routines that should ideally be undertaken only be women to get toned and lose weight. There is no problem should women decide to work with some routines that are recommended for men only.


This should not be encouraged a lot because women also have unique bodies which require the use of certain types of workouts for them to get developed appropriately. Some of these routines are nothing more than variations of what men use as part of their daily training to achieve desired fitness levels.

Have you tried squats?

Squats are the best weight loss exercise for both Men and Women. The beauty of squats is seen in the fact that they strengthen the entire body from the head to the toes. However, it is wise to remember that squats are the ideal routine for people interested in strengthening their legs and thighs. The upper parts of the body also benefits from practicing using squats routine. If you want to achieve a better posture as a woman, you should ensure that you train with your backs as straight as possible. Squats should only be attempted while you are standing on your entire foot and ensuring that your weight is placed mostly on your heels.


There is a modified version of pushups also calld as girlish push ups. These should be tried out by women as part of their workout routines. Basically, this involves the woman bending her knees and proceeding to do push ups as they are normally done. While men do these push ups on their toes, women do it on their knees. The goal of this routine is to try as much as you can to place most of your weight on the arms and upper regions of the body. The weight should be kept away from the feet as much as possible. The routine can be repeated as many times as the woman desires until she perfects it. This routine can be appropriate whether at home or at the gym.

Cardio and Circuit Training

Cardio and circuit training are also very perfect workout routines for women. The stationery bike and the treadmill are the best pieces of equipment for people interested in cardio workout routines. Women are advised not to try to use the cardio routines as the main sources of exercises. Cardio training should ideally be used by women purely for the purpose of warming up. Circuit training should be the main focus of women. It is a full body workout but takes very short time. It works out the entire body from up in the head running all the way down to toes.

A number of group classes form very crucial aspects of workout routines for women. Here, women take part in Pilates and yoga classes or routines as part of a group. The beauty of these group classes lies in the fact that there are teachers present to ensure that you do everything right as instructed. These routines are perfect for women interested in weight loss programs. A lot of consistency is required on the part of women who are interested in trying these workout routines out.

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